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Take a look at our variable spray trigger gun, designed by Global Frontier to meet the demands of busy commercial kitchens that require multiple functions from the one pre-rinse unit.

This product also feature industry leading water efficiency ratings.


Commercial Faucet

Wedge Wire


Global Frontier provides end to end solutions for product sourcing, OEM and logistics. The team at Global Frontier have decades of experience in developing, manufacturing and delivering high-quality products like commercial kitchen faucets, commercial pre-rinse faucets to the commercial catering, plumbing and associated industries and are committed to employing this knowledge and network to the advantage of our customers and business partners. We manufacture high-quality industrial standard commercial kitchen equipment as per your needs and demand.

Not just bringing new product once a while, we take constant feedback from our existing client to bring changes in our products. That makes our product more intuitive to use thus giving the best result in the market. Global frontier is focused on understanding the requirements of our customers’ business objectives and manufactures bespoke product solutions that are ready for the market… Learn More